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However, Malling-Hansen was not spared tragedies in life in 1876 he lost his beloved Cthe in childbirth complications when she was delivering two more girls, and this must have been a very hard blow for Malling-Hansens sensitive mind.

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Malling-Hansen is standing in the middle of the back row.He is described as having a military officers figure with the charisma of an artist and as an optimist who can be described by only using the most fiery colours quoting some of the characteristics provided by his contemporaries.At the time of his sudden death in 1890 only 55 years old, this man hailing from a humble background in the Danish countryside had become an internationally known figure, having put Denmarks name on the international map, a friend of the king, had given lectures at international medical congresses and at Nordic teachers meetings and had sold patents in countries all over Europe.All articles are richly illustrated and contain comments and footnotes by Rasmus Malling-Hansen connesseurs, Christian Barnholdt, Sverre Avnskog and Jrgen Malling Christensen.

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Biography by Sverre Avnskog Scrutinizing old descriptions of Rasmus Malling-Hansen, written by his contemporaries, it strikes you what a deep impression he must have made on those who met him in the flesh.Visionary Pedagogical Reformer As principal of the Institute for the Deaf-Mute, Malling-Hansen promptly embarked upon a number of initiatives in order to improve the conditions of deaf-mute children.

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