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06-Jun-2017 15:36

Sanaa tells Oprah that this is the first studio film to be directed by a black woman (Sanaa Hamri), produced by a black woman (Stephanie Allain), starred in by a black woman (Sanaa Lathan) and written by a black woman (Kriss Turner).

Simon, an Australian actor, admits that he knew very little about African-American women and culture when he first arrived on the set.

"But that's why [Something New] is so great—because it's a full-circle moment in opening your heart to the possibilities."British singing sensation James Blunt is all the buzz!

" James, whose song "You're Beautiful" rocketed to number one on the Billboard chart, has been singing and songwriting since he picked up a guitar at age 14.

A former soldier and guard to the queen, James has already conquered England as Britain's most popular male singer.

He's toured with Elton John and was even asked to sing at his wedding!

Though cultural differences sometimes cause confusion, the one thing these couples know for sure is that love conquers all!

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"The world is a great, big, wide place where there's possibilities to love lots of different people," Oprah says.During filming, he says he asked his co-stars to "fill him in" on important cultural differences. When Karen, an African-American woman, started dating Randy, a white man, she says he had "some learning to do." Like Oprah and Sanaa, the first lesson Karen taught Randy was that it's normal for black women to spend long hours in the beauty salon.

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