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~ MOTHER AND PRIORESS ~ An exemplary Prioress, she was a real Mother in the highest and dearest sense of the term.

She rejoiced with the joyful and she knew how to comfort and to sympathize with those in affliction.

In fact, we are forced to admit that in the course of her long career, innumerable were the crosses laid on the holy Foundress, but some of them are too intimate and too bitter to be revealed here below.

However, God's grace, like refreshing dew to a little flower, came down upon her soul, in torrents.

Mother Therese, just about medium height, looked smaller than she really was, especially in the last years of her life when her shoulders seemed bent beneath the many burdens of her great undertaking.

They would sparkle merrily and light up with pleasure, and she could make her nuns laugh gayly too.

Should the occasion prove an appropriate one, she would even remind them of Purgatory, and that it was far better to suffer a little here than to make expiation in the next life.