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What they have in the Gull Lake area is in a whole different league.” Minnesota boating historian Bruce Olson agrees.Olson is the executive director of the Legacy of the Lakes Museum in Alexandria.

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We are talking about collections of 20 or more, and each boat being significant.” Allen, a Twin Cities commercial real estate developer, is perhaps the most public of these private collectors.The boat was owned by one family on Lake Muskoka, in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada from 1937-2012. Made for only 1-year the Chris Craft Cobra is one of the most recognizable wood boats. The boat was designed and built for Ethel Dupont Barksdale of Lake Champlain.Gallery: The interior of the Princess Paige, a custom 1926 26-foot Earl C.Gallery: The engine in the Bolo Babe a World War I 400 HP Liberty Aircraft engine.

The Bolo Babe is a 1926 33-foot Baby Gar built by Garwood. The aircraft inspired tail fin is made of fiberglass foreshadowing the future of boat construction using fiberglass.The boat is part of a collection belonging to John Allen. Gallery: Cockpit gauges for recently restored 1928 24-foot Purdy Racer Wyndcrest.