Dating paypal in haiti

03-Nov-2017 19:13

The rooms have them as well as a personal room safe.

There is a nice pool and a great little restaurant as well.

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The following are my unsolicited comments of my trip and items of possible interest to assist on your visit. After waiting for my bag and paying my .00 tourist card fee, I wandered out the terminal and Dieter was there to meet me as promised.

We grabbed the taxi to the Hotel he uses for his Clients.

Having gone through a very nasty divorce I was not sure what I am looking for but do know what I don't want!

Anyway, I saw Dieter's site and thought I'd give it a shot and I traveled to Sosua on December 17th and returned on December 23rd.

Dieter went shopping and I went to her home and meet her family and spent a few hours...again great hosts!!

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I unpacked and showered and then caught a ride on a motor concho ( a motor bike taxi) with a driver Dieter uses exclusively.

Made it to his home and began the first of 3 meetings.

I am not sure when this was implemented but I noticed, besides all the normal credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, ...), now accepts Pay Pal.