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As a stalwart fund-raiser for the American Ballet Theatre, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and God’s Love We Deliver, a Manhattan-based nonprofit group that sends 2,400 meals a day to needy AIDS patients, she says what she needs most is a good night’s sleep.If she doesn’t get one, she resorts to aromatherapy and such homeopathic remedies as Bach flower for an energy boost.Taking the commuter train to school, Blaine, who reached her full height of 5’9″ by age 12, would “hear people say, ‘Look at her eyes. And once I had my hair dyed black so I would fit in.I walked in the door, and my mother started crying.” These days, Trump, 41, conforms to the standards of New York City society.''We went to a wedding last May,'' she said, ''and Jim Mc Mullen, who's a good friend, was sitting at the same table. ''She calls me every morning at 8,'' he said, ''and tells me what she thought of at 2 in the morning.Toward the end of the night, he asked me to co-chair the Lenox Hill benefit with him. I'm going to miss those calls.'' What came out of their talks was a decision that the party should attract younger people (Mrs.I once signed a receipt 'Blaine Trump' and the man wanted me to send my husband to visit his bathroom fixture showroom.'' Her full name is Martha (after a grandmother) Lindley (for a great-great aunt) Blaine (a great-great grandfather) Beard. ''I never liked Martha.'' Even her weekends are fairly private. We get our popcorn fix and rev up for Monday.'' Her friend Joy Henderiks, vice president of Yves Saint Laurent of America, said that when she calls the couple on Sunday night, they're usually in bed, watching television with Christopher, Mrs. During the week they rarely go out more than three nights. Trump said, ''we almost always stay home or meet another couple for dinner at Jim Mc Mullen's restaurant.'' Marriage has its moments, however. Growing up blonde and porcelain-skinned, Blaine Trump was an American ideal—but she stuck out like a tall poppy in Yokohama, Japan, where her father, Joe, worked as an executive with IBM World Trade in the late 1960s. “I used to pray I would wake up two inches shorter.

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“She’s in good shape, she has nice proportions and a very good heart.” Trump, who dropped out of the University of Tokyo for a marriage that lasted briefly, has now been wed for 14 years to The Donald’s younger brother, real estate executive Robert Trump.We use cookies and browser capability checks to help us deliver our online services, including to learn if you enabled Flash for video or ad blocking.